Everywhere  I look all I see is: “5 Best Ways To Lose Weight” “The 5 Best Exercises You Aren’t Doing” “3 Reason’s To Start Personal Training”. The truth is these are all just catch phrases to grab your attention. I see far too many people taking these to heart and instead of looking at them as options or reasons they see them as the only way!

“3 Things To Remember When Performing Brain Surgery”

I’m pretty sure there are more then 3 important things to remember when you’re doing something as important as brain surgery. Fitness is just as complex. There are so many variables and each person is so different that each individual has at least 3 things that can help them but not each person can work with the same list.

Here’s My 3 Reasons Why These Blog Posts Need To Stop!

1.”Top 5 Exercises You’re Not Doing”.

People can get hurt. Crossfit could say that the best exercises are the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat, Box Jump and Muscle Up. These seem to be the most used exercises in a lot of the WODS but the truth is these exercises are great for those who can perform them properly and effectively. You can use less weight, which will make the exercise less effective or you can challenge yourself and hurt yourself.

The truth is the best exercises that you’re not doing is really the exercises that, “you” need to be doing based on your fitness level, body’s ability to function and your goals. This is what makes you an individual.

2. “Best 3 Foods To Help You Lose Weight”

This is true if everything else is being done properly. I found a list that suggested “Beans” “Soup” “Dark Chocolate”. If you were to create a diet around these 3 foods then this may be more problematic then what you are doing. First you must have a balanced diet, sleep properly, eating on a regular schedule, be active. All of these things count towards helping these foods be effective. Also, beans in a can are very high in heavy metals which can be toxic to the body. Depending on the soup it can also be high in other things like Modified Corn Starch, Canola oil and phosphates. These can be more damaging to your metabolism if consumed in large amounts. Dark Chocolate is great for you if it’s a good quality chocolate and consumed in very low dosages. If Dark Chocolate is the anchor of your nutrition then unfortunately it’s not a magical food and won’t force your body to shed those unwanted pounds without a better focus on your diet.

3. “5 things to look for in a trainer”

I found a list in which the first was “Patience,” the second was “Communication,” the third was “Professionalism” and fourth on the list was “Education”. If you were making a financial investment with an investment advisor the first 3 are great however I would like to make sure that my money is in the hands of someone who know’s what they are doing. Basic certifications are so easy to come by in the fitness world that you can nearly order them online without any pre-requisite what so ever. Patience, Communication and Professionalism are great qualities in a trainer but if I am going to spend thousands of dollars on a trainer “Results” and “Safety” would be the only thing that matter to me.

The truth is the internet is becoming saturated with information about everything, especially Fitness. Unfortunately anyone with any kind of educational background or no background at all can write an article that can be mistaken for truth or quality information. The most common articles that people get to read are written by marketing professionals. They are all over the internet because these people know how to market themselves. It is these people who the average person reads about to get information that could change their life forever, good or bad.

Next time you read an article focus more on the whether it is a reputable source or just someone trying to stir things up. It is very easy to come up with “5 ways” of doing something that sounds smart without it being effective for you!