Committing to training is a really big choice. You have to decide who, where, what type of training is best for you. Unfortunately Trainers and Strength Coaches are not like doctors. We did not all go through the same training and educational process to become where we are. Getting as much information as possible is extremely important.

Are you coming into your draft year? Maybe you are 2 years away? This is the time that you need to make the best choices.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is?

Dr. Oz?

Donovan Bailey?

I hope so! If you wanted to be a body builder, a 100m sprinter or in need of some medical advice you may seek out these people. Would you ask them to strength train you for hockey?

Do you know who Yves Nadeau is? Probably not. This guy is the most accomplished Canadian strength coach in history helping men and women speed skaters win world championships 10 times over. Winning 11 Olympic medals. Being sought after by Bulgarian, Chinese, Australian, Czech, US and Dutch teams on how to strength train for skating and hockey. Is this a Strength Coach you would like to help you get faster? Or would you rather train with Arnold Schwarzenegger because he is the most accomplished Body Builder of all time?

Did you know Yves Nadeau is a P.I.C.P. Strength Coach?

If you haven’t already, come to Body X to see how education and information paired with hard work can get you to the next level!