Being a stronger more effective hockey player happens in training. The better your body functions and the stronger you are will be the difference between being a good skater and a great skater. Yes skating is a lot of technique but once you have the proper blade positioning and recovery positions it is all about the strength of your stride, how low to the ice you can get and how long your stride is. If your stride is short and weak it will take more effort to get from one side of the rink to the next and it will take more strides. If your stride is long and strong it will be more effortless and you can take less strides.
The Split Squat is a great exercise to get the job done. When done properly, this will help any player develop a stronger, longer stride helping them become a great skater.

Typically between the ages of 11-13 a hockey player will have already developed there movement patterns. There skating technique has been engrained depending on how long they have been playing hockey of course. If your stride is something that needs to be worked on then changing how the body functions is the best place to start.

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