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Exercise is work! If you are not getting the result you want then why put in the work? Results take time however they aren't magical. A Weight Loss, Strength or Weight Gain journey is measured by steps forward. You cannot expect results to happen overnight whether it's been 3 weeks or 3 months. Progress should be expected and measured.

The secret to the success with Body X is the amount of support you receive not just during the training session, but the support you receive each second you need before and after each training session.


Body X Key Features

With education being the foundation of what we do, you will always find the answers you need!

Biosignature Modulation

Biosignature Modulation is a hormone assessment based on body fat distributional. This assessment helps us provide a strategic plan of attack with training and nutrition.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

We provide only the best in supplements! All supplements are pharmaceutical grade to ensure top quality and absorb-ability.

Customizable and Proven Nutrition

Body X believes only a well planned approach that has been customized to your needs will provide you the quick and reliable results you are looking for!

Structural Balanced Training Programs

This very specific assessment approach helps provide us with the information we need to keep you injury free or help support an injury you already have!

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitative Strengthening

Strength training is not always lifting the most weight, an educated approach to strength training is based on increasing stability, range of motion and overall functionality of your body!

Internationally Recognized Certifications

Body X believes that education is the base to providing safe and effective strength training plans and maximizing results.

Our Partners

Most of our partners regularly offer exclusive promotions that help you to increase your results even faster.
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